Wednesday, February 2, 2011

{Everyday Inspiration} more Marimekko...

January was good to my ever growing stack of Marimekko fabric. I actually might call January 2011, the textile month because I went a little bonkers with finding gorgeous fabrics internationally. Not to mention I brushed up on my textile/design history and learned about a lot of amazing textile designers. Most of my fabric purchases came from Finland or the UK with a combination of cool vintage & new finds that I'm really excited about. So what am I going to do with all of this fabric you ask? Oh, oodles & oodles... but lets' start with some new slug plushies, a kitty, ... and ol' Phil the Groundhogs cousin- Mr. Squirrel.

I find making plush out of Marimekko fabric so inspiring- my hands can't keep up with my ideas. The painter in me loves to play with different color combinations in search of making the colors sing.  While I realize this isn't Friday - and this could be classified as a Fabric Friday post, I felt it belonged in my Everyday Inspiration category as well. Besides, who couldn't use a jolt of gorgeous color on a Wednesday? What would you do if this was your stack of fabric?


  1. If that was my pile of fabric, I'd just roll around in it with my eyes closed and a stupid grin on my face!

  2. My thoughts exactly! :))
    (I often just go and touch my fabrics, with and 'mmmhhhhhh' and the mentioned type of grin)

  3. How did you know that is what I did in the studio?! :)

  4. That's funny Daria! Looks like we were writing at the same time. :)
    Carmel & Daria- I am imagining the three of us in a room full of beautiful fabric. I think it would be worthy of an animated video short. :)

  5. These are gorgeous! I'd run my hand over those stacks too, heavenly. I think I'd make up a new bedspread cover for K's room. Those slugs.. collection worthy.

  6. Thanks Randiga & Chantale! @Chantale-
    I've been collecting fabric for a simple quilt for Sayer - all fabrics with cars & things- but I'm tempted to through in some Marimekko too. :)



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