Monday, February 21, 2011

{Music Monday} Agnes Obel...

I made a new musical discovery last week when visiting the lovely blog, Sincerely Pierre. Tiffany had posted the gorgeous Agnes Obel video, Riverside & from that, I went on a search for more. Agnes Obel is a Danish singer/songwriter who released her first album, Philharmonics, in October 2010 in Europe & December 2010 in the US. I've been listening to it all weekend (it's available on itunes). What do you think? Happy Music Monday

{Photo by Mali Lazell via here}


  1. i'm 20 seconds in and am in love! i've been so out of the music loop, i'm going to dig through your music posts when i have a chance.

  2. I can totally see her wearing your necklaces. The videos remind me of your photography. I know, I loved the music right when I heard it too. Hope you find some other music you like here. :)

  3. Isn't she gorgeous?

    A hello from The Netherlands!

  4. This is crazy but I'm listening to both videos simultaneously and it sounds... crazy good! Both music overlapping each other is ethereal.. It's a Tuesday music discovery for me on klt.. : )

  5. Well my pleasure - thank you for the link love!



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