Sunday, February 20, 2011

{shop update} willie & wanda...

There were glimmers that spring was right around the corner this weekend. It was sunshiny but  still really chilly.  Wanda & Willie worm like to come out in the spring when the tulip fields in our valley start to bloom, but they decided to emerge from the studio this weekend (a little early)  full of cheerful, Marimekko splendor. Making them today seemed like a nice way to encourage more of this weather & to start the week out on a happy note. These are the sort of critters I make when I've had a nice weekend. Hope you did as well! 


  1. They're cute, and different from what you usually make.

    I like them.

  2. Thanks Carmel! Willie worm is actually a character from the Crawling Critters Mobile that I made pre-Sayer days (we actually designed it with him in mind). On request I made a larger plush of both Willie & his girlfriend Wanda last Spring & just had a store order a bunch so I decided to make a few to add to the Etsy shop w/ Marimekko. :)

  3. They're so cute! I love the green version.. so happy. Looks like you had a super productive weekend!



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