Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{behind the studio door} my view...

This is one of my favorite views of my studio. You can't really see where I do most of my work (it's off to the left) but you can see Sayer's work & hangout area. He's been spending more & more time with me in the studio these days & it's always interesting to see where things end up being stashed at the end of our studio time. He's my goofy squirrel. His little work table is so great- it has a storage drawer in it that always has a ton of my spools of thread stored away. If I'm ever out of a color of thread, chances are- it's in his work table. His machine is an old one a friend gave me (minus the needle). It won't be long before I could add the needle- he seem like a natural (or maybe that is wishful thinking). He hoards my lime green felt too so that he can sew Grinch costumes.

It's silly, but I sort of fancy my studio space as an old fashioned, mini toy factory. I love to imagine how Sayer might view this space being a child. I guess that's one of the reasons (other than for inspiration) that I have all of my vintage toys & books stored up there. I want him to feel a sense of wonder & freedom to create anything that pops into his mind. I suppose I feel a great deal of pride knowing that he watches me create things too. Hearing him tell me that he has to help me work makes my heart warm. These days in the studio, while being  simple and frequent, are what favorite memories are made of... 


  1. I'm sure Sayer is going to have so many amazing memories of this studio. It just looks terrific. I want to hang out on that sofa! And yap away while you two work. lol! I love how he stashes away the things he needs to make his whatever-imagination thing. He looks ever so cute with his longish hair. : )

  2. Thanks Chantale! I wish you could hang out on that sofa too while we work too. :) His stashing is so funny- we're always finding things in weird places around the house. I like his shaggy hair, but ... we are actually getting his haircut tomorrow. Stay tuned for a whole new S dude. :)

  3. your space is amazing. definitely a dreamland for curious little boy. so sweet!

  4. Ah the Eames elephant box! It is an important part of the decoration in Adrien's room - it IS a gorgeous box! And again, how tidy your studio is ;-)Bises!



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