Tuesday, March 15, 2011

{Everyday Inspiration} cool kid...

I have a cool kid. I often wonder where he came from & what it would be like to be so cool. His style is effortless & the way he just "chills out" is somewhat intriguing to me. Even when he is wayyy overdue for a haircut- he can rock the look.  I was not what you would call a "cool kid". I knew many & was even friends with some-  but was never classified as one myself. Unless of course, a bad perm, glasses, braces, & a unique awkwardness qualified me in some way. I'm thinking this must be from his dad's side. He's also a total ham  & quite a performer, which is a little more familiar to me. I have a feeling there will be many plays in our future. Needless to say, it's always a fun adventure around here. 

We've sort of developed a special language between the two of us that involves a camera.  Photo shoots are something that we do together often- we've been doing it, just the two of us, for about a year (but as a family since he was born). It started out being "work" related. I would have him model my tees. But over time, it became more of an act of play. The kid knows how to work the camera & I love taking photos of him.  The other day, we found this hat when we were going through boxes. He immediately snatched it up & started hamming it up. As with all hats, he prefers to wear them backwards. From this, a photo opportunity presented itself.  What I didn't realize when I started taking photos, is that the hat belonged to Chris' best friend- the one we named Sayer after, Richard Sayer. Dick owned this hat when he was in high school - so it's over 27 years old now. He is a professional photographer too - so these pictures of Sayer took on a whole new meaning. 

Lately, Sayer has been turning the camera on me (by using his vintage Fisher Price one). He's been interested in taking photos of things like shadows & lightbulbs too. Today he & Chris had a pickle party before Chris left to teach class- which is when I entered the picture. When I was explaining to him that he was made from pickles (I used to go through jars of them when I was pregnant) which is why he probably liked them, he then left the party to go get his camera. Which in turn, gave me the idea to go get mine. He wanted to take a picture of his little set up - then of me eating a pickle. Lucky for you, his camera doesn't have film - so you don't have to see me devouring my pickles. 

My cool kid is growing up so fast & I find it fascinating & enjoyable. He has me laughing & feeling the need to write down what he says & does all of the time. While I'm seriously struggling these days with finding all of the time that I need for klt:works. I need to really take a tip from Sayer & just chill out. 


  1. i love this post! penelope is looking at it with me and she says "i have that tshirt! i have that camera!" i totally relate to this! he is such a COOL kid!

  2. Oh, Kristin! This post is so great! I loved the part about the bad perm, glasses, braces, & a unique awkwardness...I was there right with ya! It's so fun to watch Sayer get older! It goes by so fast doesn't it? My little Kenzie is getting such an adorable personality too!

  3. He sure does look cool!
    And I know how you feel, I was never cool in school but my hubby and son... Different story there! :D

  4. A pickle party! Where? When? I'm so there. lol. Your kid is so cool cuz he comes from 2 halfs of coolness. Who says braces, a perm and that 'awkwardness' isn't cool in and of itself? I mean hey, the Dorothy Hamill haircut was all the rage back then too (wait, didn't you sport that too?). See? Coolio. I can't believe how much older he looks here. It is so amazing that he has that connection with someone. I can't wait for Sayer to get his own working camera so we can see the world through his eyes and his interpretation of it. (hint hint mom!). He really is one super awesome kiddo with a terrific mama to boot.

  5. such a nice love letter, make sure to keep this post until he can read it and even longer...until he can really understand it!
    I am happy to hear you have that special connection... I mean we are parents, we have kids... but still...sometimes it just goes a step further...
    Cool Happy Boy!



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