Sunday, March 27, 2011

{Everyday Inspiration} books & fun...

This was an unusual week. Chris & I had a mini vacation- about  24 hours in another country & visiting with new friends. It's pretty amazing - but with a small kiddo, and many jobs - we just never seem to get away. We met up with Daria (LaLa Shoes) & her husband in Vancouver, BC. Although Daria & I communicated regularly for the last year, we never had the opportunity to meet in person until now (they live in Croatia & were visiting Vancouver). Sayer had a sleep over at his grandparents, we were unplugged from the computer, and footloose & fancy free. A really sweet couple from Vancouver had visited Hutch Studio right before we left & passed on some great little shops to Chris -which in turn sort of created our agenda for the day. One cool shop lead to another & the ongoing theme was books, typography, & vintage finds. Which we all four love. I found this amazing book, The Big Book of Fun, ( that was printed in the early '30's) at a place called Stepback -along with some other small treasures. This place was awesome-vintage & handmade goodness. I went sort of crazy with their collection of Wonderbooks. It was sort of like my mother ship had landed in there. {photos below -except the open book- via here}

Another interesting place that we visited was, The Regional Assembly of Text. This was another special shop that showcased the owner's love of typography & books.  I think we all drooled a little bit in there. {photos below, via here}

We were looking for the recent issue of UPPERCASE Magazine & the very sweet ladies at The Regional Assembly of Text pointed us in the direction of this next place called Collage Collage. It housed lots of wonderful books, magazines, & art supplies. When we showed up, there was a children's art class happening right in the middle of the shop. I think I had a permanent grin on my face while I walked around looking at the books. It made me miss Sayer even more- he would love to take a class at a place like that. I wish it was in our neighborhood. One of the things I noticed was that they had lots of supplies for making comic books there (ie storyboard tablets for kids). {photo below, via here}

Which brings me to another thing- we visited some Comic Book shops too. Daria's husband, Tonci, illustrated a few new graphic novels that are out in stores now (Who is Jake Ellis series) so we visited a some places that were right up his alley. Of course I found some things there too- a Moomin book & a Yo Gabba Gabba comic book to bring home to Sayer. 

Those of you that follow this blog know that I love to take photos. Well, along with "unplugging" from the computer, I took a break from the camera too. I brought it with me because I really did want to document our trip & take tons of photos of Daria & her husband. But, I guess I just really wanted to be in the moment. I find that when I get behind the camera, I sort of go into my bubble. Because of this, the photos of the shops are from their websites & I only have 3 photos of Daria & I. They are quick & blurry. However, if our day was a comic book... we may have looked a little like this. 

It was such a nice getaway- & particularly fun to be with people that had similar interests. I have some cool treasures to fill up this beautiful handmade bag that Daria gave me. But most of them I can hold in my memory. All in all, this book sums up our trip- The Big Book of Fun. Hope you are having a great weekend! 


  1. What a great tour of some great shops! Ooh, I see Fireman Joe there, is that something you got for Sayer? There's so much to see in these photos... so much to drool over too! What a glorious way to spend 2 days and in the company of Daria and her husband. So very lucky! The bag is lovely and her husband is so talented! btw, nix the 'comic book' label.. and use 'graphic novel' instead. heehee.. :D The covers are too awesome to be lumped in the same category as Archie. ;p

  2. What a great, inspiring post. Isn't blogging wonderful, all the connections you make, the adventures online and off?
    A terrific weekend by the looks of things.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day you .... VERY cool that you got to meet IRL!



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