Friday, March 25, 2011

{Fabric Friday} butterflies by hand...

{Abigail Brown Butterflies}

{Maja Backstrom - Butterfly Fabric}

{Greenolive Textiles- Flutterby Fabric & Modgreen Pod Fabric}

Ever since Sayer announced that he loved "butterflies & firetrucks", I've been on the lookout for unique butterfly fabrics. I'm particularly drawn to fabrics that are made by hand & found these lovely examples while cruising through Etsy. On my search, I also ran across some beautiful fabric butterflies by Abigail Brown. Butterflies have a way of calming me down & making me feel rather hopeful, how about you? Thought it was a nice way to end the week- Happy  Fabric Friday

*Be sure to stop by next Friday for the 5 bundles Creative Competition - submitted photos. 
Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh I love the handmade butterflies and the flutterby fabric! That would make a great skirt.. So glad to see you back to posting! Hope you're refreshed and relaxed. : )

  2. i just made a little butterfly... thing... haha, i probably should figure out what it's called. anyway, i glued some butterflies to some twigs i found in the backyard and stuck it under a glass bell thing.

    geez, there has to be a name for that!

    anyway, all that to say- yes, butterflies are rad and i like them too and i have them in my house also.

    the end.

    PS- i love the green butterfly fabric!



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