Saturday, March 5, 2011

{Four Finds} color is everywhere...

There are so many creative examples of brilliant color out there in cyberland. Color in all of it's forms & textures inspires me, so I thought I would share four of my recent color finds with you. 

{1} I've been quite drawn to Andrea Cavagnaro's work using felt stacks. I think I like the form & texture as much as the color. 

{2 & 3} I'm a total book nut- which is why the the book color wheel & rainbow Dr. Seuss books caught my attention immediately. 

{4} The Rainbow House-  Oh those stairs, those floors & that slide!  Wouldn't you just love to visit that space for awhile?  I know I would.... 

Hope you are having a colorful weekend!
{video via minor details


  1. I loved those Dr Seuss books lined up as well ... they look great that way.

  2. Love the rainbow coloured hues. Exactly what I need on yet another grey day here. I think with all your books collected, you can surely create your own art piece such as the one above for your walls! Wouldn't that look amazing?



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