Monday, March 7, 2011

{Music Monday} Fold...

Jose Gonzalez has been playing in my studio a lot lately. I was listening to it the other day when I stumbled on this book called, paper: tear, fold, rip, crease, cut. I realized that looking at the paper art, & listening to his music just seemed to make sense. It's the kind of quiet, contemplative music that allows my mind to drift in and out of ideas.  Happy Music Monday! Hope you are having a thoughtful day.  {image via here}


  1. Hm, I could have used this reflective music playing today at work.. it would have calmed my nerves for the day. I also love that spider web-like paper cut art, especially how the artist incorporated the floor to be used as well. wow. Hope you had a wonderful & creative day today!

  2. i think you're, like, my music soul mate.

    i was just sitting down to dinner and i told matt, wait! you have to listen to this song and watch this video:

    and this one too!

    and he was all, i just want to eat my burrito.

    but you, kristin, you GET it. :]

    sigh. it's musical love. i musically love you.



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