Tuesday, April 12, 2011

{Everyday Inspiration} A day of red & fuchsia...

Color is everywhere in the valley now. The tulips just started blooming & after our yellow & green  adventure last week, we decided to go immerse ourselves a different color yesterday.  The sun finally came out & we found a muddy  field of red to romp around in...

This field was bigger than the daffodil field we visited on Thursday. This one had a flower stand & Sayer wanted to get Chris some flowers since he didn't get to join us. He picked them out & bought them himself- he was very pleased with his purchase. I've learned over the years to really take advantage of tulip time in our area. It's nice to be able to explore the fields on days & at times that tourists aren't around. We usually have the fields to ourselves. The fields will be buzzy with activity next weekend I'm sure. So, here is my red & fuchsia inspiration for the week. What colors are you drawn to lately? 


  1. absolutely beautiful ... and the flowers aren't bad either! LOL

  2. i like the pictures.
    very tulipy!

  3. oh tulips, here is tulip season as well... and you know tulip season here means: the country is covered in tulips...which is beautiful
    taking the train and just going around and see the tulip fields, it is so nice!
    all the colours...magique :)

  4. What a riot of colours! I love this! Your photos are gorgeous.. I wish I had been there with you guys. I'd have been sneezing the whole time but I so wish I had been there too!

  5. Wow, how fun is this! Looks like Sayer had so much fun...And that field of Tulips, just gorgeous! Have a Happy Weekend Kristin!! xo



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