Friday, April 29, 2011

{Fabric Friday} fabric smiles...

Do you remember Kari, the winner of the Creative Bundle Contest? Well, she's been busy creatively making smiles on her son's face lately with a new fabric creation that  I just had to share! She made this soft flip book for her son, Max, for Easter. Each face represents someone in their family! I was so tickled when I saw her blog post about it yesterday. 

She even used some of her prize klt:fabric bundles for this project. Isn't this the greatest photo? I love how he's so into his family of faces. He also looks adorable in his new squirrel tee! Kari, Max is one lucky kid! Thanks for sharing your cool project!! Happy Fabric Friday everyone! Do you have any fun projects lined up for the weekend?


  1. This is too cool and fun! She is so incredibly creative. What a fun way to involve family into daily life. And I agree with you, Max looks terrif in his new squirrel tee!

  2. Flip! This is so adorable! Your blog is looking very colourful these it x



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