Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{Real Life} Tea for Two...

Not too long ago, I received a beautiful catalog in the mail. You know, the kind that kicks around on the table for awhile because you are never quite finished going through it? The pages were getting more & more dog-eared as time went by until finally, I made an order. The great thing is, not only did I order some cool things for Sayer, but I ordered for me too! Because honestly, sometimes we need to wear something other than our favorite klt:works tees around here & Mother's Day is just right around the corner, right?

If you haven't guessed yet, our special, Mother's Day inspired order was from the gorgeous, San Francisco based, Tea Collection. While you may be familiar with their wonderful children's clothing line, did you know that they have a women's line too? Sayer & I were so thrilled by our mother & son Tea parcel that we decided to try out our new clothing right away (& of course, I brought my camera along). We romped in the alleys downtown...played at the beach, & goofed around in the studio a bit.

It's safe to say, that the Tea Collection fits into our Northwest way of life really well. Sayer's painter roll up pants are great & so practical! He's pretty much lived in them since they arrived at our doorstep. His little surfer hoodie & shirt  became instant favorites as well. I have to say, I'm really happy I bought myself the tunic too. It's so nice when I can find a creative company that compliments klt:works so beautifully. For you moms to little girls out there, go check out their girl collection- it's so adorable! So, here are three big cheers to a favorite west coast company!  In addition to having stellar products, their customer service was top notch too. 

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  1. Gorgeous clothes! I love what you're wearing! I'll have to check it out.

    Groovy mama and son.

  2. love the photo of you two running down the alley!!!! makes me smile!

  3. You two look amazing! Kristin, I love that tunic, those colours and pattern look terrific on you! And the little dude looks so cool. I love that alley shot, wow.
    psst! Hey photographer man? Less blur of Kristin, more focus! ;p

  4. @Carmel- Funny, but you came to mind when I first saw that tunic! It's a print that I thought you would like. From pictures I've seen of you, looks like something you would wear. :) Your kiddos would looks swell in some Tea for sure!
    @Heather- Thanks! We had fun running through the alleys. :) I like it for that reason too....
    @Chantale- Thanks Chantale! I really like the colors & pattern of that tunic. I was really excited about that alley shot. It's a keeper... :)

  5. Love the clothes (super cute) but I adore the photography! Really great! My fave is the first one followed closely by the alley ... nicely done

  6. Thanks Sharon! S & I really had fun with the photos! :)



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