Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{Good Read} even though I can't read Japanese...

There are many languages on my list to learn these days. I rely heavily on Google translators daily it seems. While learning Japanese seems interesting for a number of reasons, being able to finally read the Paumes series of design books would on top of the list. It takes a special book for me to buy it even though I don't know how to read it- but to buy three books written in a different language would take something special. When I first read about the Paumes books, I immediately went on a search for them. As a New Year's gift to myself, I bought the, children's rooms "Stockholm" & The Finland Family Style book. My favorite thing to do is flip through them before I go to bed. They give me extra creative dreams.  Later, for a birthday/Valentine's Day gift to myself, I added, Paris Creative Couples to my stash.

{These photos are from my Paris Creative Couples book}

{These photos are from my Finland Family Style book}

{& these photos are from the Children's Rooms "Stockholm"}

It seems particularly relevant to share my love for Paumes right now. Yesterday, Paumes started a charity event called "Pray for Japan" for the people suffering from disaster of the earthquake & tsunami. It's an art exhibition in their gallery where all of the sales from the artwork will be contributed via Japanese Red Cross Society. You can view the participants & more about the exhibition here  . If you wish to donate to Japan relief, I've got a button on my sidebar that takes you straight to a few ways to do so- including Red Cross. 

It's always nice to see interesting companies & talented individuals making a difference. It just makes me like them even more. 


  1. What a great idea for an exhibition! And don't you just love Google translator?

    Also we (the baby space preschooler, who has climbed onto my lap to look, and I) are LOVING that Finland Family Style book -- especially room with the cubby house bunk bed... I think the Finland Family Style book is coming home to our house :)

  2. Yeah, wish I could go to the exhibition. I don't really know what I would do without google translator! You would love the Finland Family Style book Bron! There are so many great rooms, textures, & colors! :)

  3. Gasp! These are real people right? Living in real homes? I love all the textiles in the Paumes Finland style book.. I love everything is mixed and not necessarily matched. Their charity exhibition is remarkable.. I am going to check it right now. Thanks for letting us take peeks in your Paumes books Kristin! I love it...

  4. ph google translate the best friend... :)
    I could buy the whole collection from Paumes.
    Just sitting and going through them again and again!

  5. p.s Ran out today and bought children's rooms Copenhagen. And will be returning for Copenhagen apartments. The colours! The patterns! In. Love.



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