Thursday, April 14, 2011

{Good Read} Tomi Ungerer...

I had a chance to pop into one of my favorite shops called IDEAL a few weekends ago. (Last October, I had a trunk show at IDEAL & posted about it here if you would like a peek into the shop.) I was actually meeting up with one of the two owners, Lisa to hang out & chat about design, books & motherhood that day. But, I fit in a browse through the shop before we left & ended up purchasing two books, Moon Man & The Three Robbers. Lisa is a lover of children's books too & recommended them, plus I was immediately drawn to the illustrations. When I got home, I realized that I had another book illustrated by Tomi Ungerer called, Snail, where are you?, that I got for Sayer a long time ago. Lisa had also reminded me about another one of his books, Crictor, that I remembered really liking as a kid. So it appears that I've enjoyed his work for a some time now.

{The Three Robbers}

{Moon Man}

{Snail, where are you?}


A few days after I bought those cool Tomi Ungerer books at IDEAL, I stumbled on this post  when I was cruising through my favorite blogs. Not only did I  become even more enchanted with this artist & writer, but I discovered that I had just bought a book that he had illustrated (but didn't write) in the $1 bin at the thrift store a week prior called, Seeds and More Seeds. The illustrations are more like Crictor & I also liked the style of  typography.

I always enjoy learning about artists & writers and finding little interviews like this one. I can officially say that I'm a Tomi Ungerer fan. Are you? 

*Click here to see who the winner of the 5 Creative Bundle Competition is. Due to the interest in this competition, I posted on Wednesday rather than waiting for Fabric Friday

Hope you have a great weekend! Do you have anything fun planned?


  1. I have fallen in love with this man. I love his philosophy, his message. He's so completely right, children see and take in everything. They are capable of understanding in the purest simplest way. Kristin, again, you introduce us and teach us incredible artists and illustrators. Just love!

  2. Thanks for the nice post, Kristin! So glad you are enjoying the Ungerer books. What a great interview with him. His voice is wonderful.



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