Sunday, April 17, 2011

{Vintage Inspiration} four finds ~ primary colors...

I've been finding all sorts for fun things for Sayer at the thrift stores lately- all in primary colors. We are big Wallace & Gromit fans at our house & Wallace uses an abacus often- to do his bills of course. Sayer has been particularly interested in what it was so I have been keeping an eye out for a cool old abacus for him. After all, I could use help with the bills around here. I found this great old Playskool one the other day & it has been getting a great deal of attention in his room. Apparently Wallace uses a pencil to move the beads- so that is how Sayer does it too.

The only downfall to bringing home really old toys (other than finding space for everything) is the need to create the missing parts to the toys which I suppose is more of a challenge than a downfall. I've been spending time making coins for this Playskool pay phone that I just brought home him. I still don't have the weight of the coins quite right, but I think I'm getting close.

I had my eye on this rubber doll for a long time. Every time I visited my favorite thrift shop, I would check to see if it was still there. I finally broke down and bought it recently & Sayer keeps it in his "office". She also serves as a helper in front of his fire house & takes many fire engine rides. 

This little Bonnie Book is really sweet. The  worn down circle on the side moves the images in the illustrated TV. It' s all about a day on the train. Sayer thought this book was pretty cool too. 

So these are definitely four fun finds that are new additions to Sayer's space. I love that he knows what an abacus & a pay phone is. Although his pay phone is used for an emergency room next to his fire house most often. Hope you are having a great weekend! 


  1. Great finds - that play phone is super cute!

  2. that phone is amazing! how are you making the coins?

  3. Love that phone!
    I have a thing for wooden toys so that abacus would be mine if I spotted it in a flea. Can never resist vintage toys.

  4. great finds! love that phone!

  5. I'm loving the old abacus.. so much nicer than the old asian ones of plain wood and black beads.. uh not that I would know anything about that! lol.. We used to learn counting with those plastic square sticks in school that came in it's own plastic rectangular box. These are such terrific finds, you should open up your own vintage shop!

  6. What a gorgeous selection of toys?

    Has my favourite not-my-own-child boy gotten a haircut?

    PS I like the image of you 'breaking down' in a vintage shop. I do it all the time!

  7. Oh, my! - what terrific finds Kristin! I'm especially in love with the abacus (mine was with rectangular sides) - did you know it's supposed to be the best way to learn math the right way?
    The phone is fantastic too! I'm curious to see your coins :)

  8. Thanks! I love that phone too. I snatched it up right away.
    @kickcan & conkers: I love wood & vintage toys too! I can never resist it seems. :)
    @ringmaster: I was making the coins on the fly- meaning he needed them right away. I used what I had & what I came up with quickly. I clued really nice, heavy weight cardstock on either side of really thick wool felt. Then I free-motion stitched the number on the front. It works ok, but needs a bit more weight to it. Plus, he wants it to be shiny. I'll have to use tin foil on something I guess.
    @Daria & Chantale- I really wanted to get him that abacus so he could learn math on it. I remember enjoying using one as a kid. He seems to get a kick out of it too.
    @Carmel- Yeah, I scored! I "break down" in vintage shops all of the time. It's sort of a rush. :) Why yes he did get a haircut. The crazy nest of hair on the back of his head is wheat it looks like when he wakes up. :)

  9. That doll is so awesome? Do you know the name of the company that made it? :)

  10. Thanks Indi- I really love her too! :) It's made in the US by Irwin somewhere between 1940-1950.



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