Tuesday, May 3, 2011

{Vintage Inspiration} long lost friends...

Life is just that much sweeter when you have good friends, right? That's why I was thrilled when I found this little girl marionette a few weeks ago. She looks like the long lost friend of the English Pelham puppet I found in January. I actually thought the one I had found earlier was a girl, but now realize- it was meant to be a boy. I think it's so cool to find mates to vintage toys- these are from the 60's & made in England. For me to reunite them, being that I live in the US, is pretty amazing I think. Now Sayer & I can each have a puppet for our puppet shows! 

But, when we aren't playing with them, the puppets will now have each other to hang out with. It's almost like no time has passed. These two just picked up right where they left off, like all good friends do...


  1. Aw, together at last! Did you find her at the same vintage shop? You really know how to sniff out these things.. : )

  2. those are so sweet! What a fun find... reunited and it feels so good.

  3. @Chantale- No, I found the first one from an Etsy shop out of the UK & this most recent one came from an Etsy shop the mid west somewhere (US). The girl puppet doesn't quite have a spring in her step like the little boy does. There lives have been very different I suspect. :) I really couldn't pass her up though...
    @Jessica- They are fun, huh? They make me smile. Yes! I hear that song in my head when I look at them. :)

  4. Right out of my childhood. My sister had (and still has) a Pelham, which must be going on 50 years old right now, I remember being allowed to play with it under strict sisterly supervision!!



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