Wednesday, May 4, 2011

{Everyday Inspiration} Color = Happy

Color makes me happy & coupled with texture & I'm a smiling gal. When I discovered Kristina Klarin's necklaces, I knew I needed to have one around my neck someday. I had a really strong reaction to her color combinations, the textures, & shapes. However, I'm not the only one. Her necklaces sell out fast, I've learned. So, I've been checking in every so often to see if a color combination grabs me. A few weeks ago, I found the ONE & I snatched it up immediately. It came to my doorstep last week & I've worn it a lot since. It makes me happy to wear it. Sayer calls it my abacus.

It really makes a mediocre day a little cheerier. So, there you have it - my little happiness secret that I felt the need to share. - Fun, colorful, tactile beads around your neck can give a spring in your step.... really. It can kick the doldrums right to the curb. If you love color, you should check out Kristina Klarin's blog too. It's just gorgeous! Hope you are having a great week. If you aren't... go find some color fast! 


  1. fun! I'm checking out her website now. Thanks for the heads up, I must have one!!

  2. This is amazing tank's for this inspiration and beautiful work.

  3. super cute and looks great on you! work it sista!

  4. Oh you look fabulous!! I absolutely love love love it! I love the necklace that looks like it has little fans on it. That tunic dress sure looks good on you. The colour of the darker grey goes so well with the necklace.. really gorg.



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