Friday, May 6, 2011

{Fabric Friday} Marimekko for Spring...

Bears hibernate during the winter, but I collect Marimekko fabric. I stash it away like a squirrel stashes nuts. I've kept my eye open for vintage & hard to find Marimekko remnants for my plush for months now. My stack is growing & my ideas are flowing. 

These three cheerful amigos joined the other colorful slugs yesterday (in honor of Cinco de Mayo). They really mimic the gorgeous color of the many tulip fields that I'm surrounded by in our valley. 

While I certainly have lots of plans for klt:goodies using my Marimekko fabric, for some reason, I love making slugs with these happy textiles. The idea of a kiddo toting around these vibrant & cheerful friends make me smile. I have to say, Sayer has already adopted one from this new stack. Can you guess which one? I knew right away which one he would be drawn to. He already has two slugs, but they could use a little break & a new friend. Happy Fabric Friday! Do you have a favorite fabric from the stash? 

As a side note:
klt:works loves moms! To celebrate you lovely mommas out there, everyone gets 25% off the entire KLT etsy shop this weekend  with the code "KLTMOM" (offer ends Monday Morning at 8am PST)! Happy Mother's Day! 


  1. Oh wow Kristin, I LOVE your stash of Marimekko! They are drool worthy.. These slugs look too Collector's Edition worthy, I wouldn't want my kid to drool and drag them around.. yet they're so cuddly looking. : ) You certainly know how to make something so loveable and useable yet so darn modern and design.. These should be sold at MoMa! Happy Mother's Day to you all..

  2. You're my favourite kind of squirrel!

    Those slugs are looking cuter and cuter.

  3. Thanks you too! Do you see why I had to draw a squirrel Carmel? I think it might be a self portrait. Of course, I say that about the owl too. :)



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