Thursday, April 21, 2011

{Everyday Inspiration} family night out...

Ok, so I've been posting a lot of pictures of the tulips & daffodils lately, I know. But, we are surrounded by all of these colors & I really can't resist. Right now the Tulip Festival is going on so there is tons of traffic in our little town & the fields are swarming with tourists. However, every year, the Tulip Town fields hold what they call "locals night' where the locals are invited to roam their fields, take tractor/trolley rides, & enjoy the sites for free.  It's always crowded & a fun evening. We started a tradition with my parent 2 years ago & last night we headed on out to Tulip Town adventure like years prior.

While the tulips are beautiful, I sometimes find the people attending this event more interesting & colorful. When taking a tractor ride though the fields, these lovely ladies were in my view. I was taken with their individuality, smiles, & friendships that they were enjoying.

There were also lots of other things to explore. The kites & flags were flying & spinning like crazy in the wind (it was chilly) & on the outskirts of the tulips was this tent. It was intriguing & we let our imagination go a bit. Was it a mini circus in there? I don't know, but we hung around it for quite awhile. No clowns left from tent that we saw.  

All in all it was a nice evening out. We saw some familiar faces, got to play in more puddles, & enjoyed our local surrounds.  How is your week going?


  1. Those tulips are just dazzling! Flowers are so incredible in their beauty. Even roses sometimes take my breath away.

    Love the older ladies! The first one looks as if she's been rolling in the tulips.

    And S's gumboots, of course, are fab.

  2. what a lovely evening! jealous i wasnt there :) I will never get sick of the pics of the flowers, NE-VAH!

  3. What great photos! Those tulips are incredible. Sayer sure looked like he was having fun! I wish we could have been there with you guys, Keira would have *loved* to run around the fields with Sayer. One day my friend, one day!

  4. These photos are fabulous, so colorful and bright! Lovely indeed!



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