Sunday, June 12, 2011

{Everyday Inspiration} Whirligigs...

Chris just left for work this morning- he's on his way to hutch studio. Would you like to see a snippet of how he spends his day? (Sayer would like me to point out that you can see the library that he goes to with his grandma, in the background of the video still shot.)

Aside from making & occasionally wearing things out of cardboard, Chris also makes whirligigs. They are displayed out in the front of studio & spin in move in the breeze. They are made from cool found & thrifted objects & set hutch studio apart from the other shops on the street. Chris holds whirligig workshops in the studio as well - which are always a lot of fun. So there you have it-  a little peek into my other half's day. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!  


  1. Your family makes the world soOO much warmer, brighter, creative and FUN!!! What JOY you are!! Thank you for deciding to share you with us!! We are all better because of it:)!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love that video. Can I just say, how amazingly cool you guys are? Like 1 2 3 collective cool. I wish I could sign up for one of those whirlygig workshops. I think I would be a good student. : )



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