Friday, June 24, 2011

{Giveaway} KLT from Sayer's Closet...

As you might guess, Sayer's closet is always full of klt:works tees.  When he out grows a klt:tee, it's replaced with another one in a new size. It's a sweet deal actually. He might think that the owl tee will follow him forever - he's worn that image in some form since he was born (it's still his favorite). Sayer is going through another growth spurt & I just recently cleaned out his closet & replaced tees with the next size up - & yesterday, I was going through my "oops" tees (tees with ink or small flaws in fabric) to send to courtneycourtney & gave a few away on the KLT:FB page. Because of the response & for the sake of recycling, I had an idea.  I always give Sayer's klt:stuff away when he outgrows it anyway- so I thought I would do a tee bundle giveaway here on the blog. 

{Bundle One} For the Owl lover ~ All three are 2T but all different in the way that they fit. L/S is American Apparel & fits smallish, Orange is Alternative Apparel - organic & fits generously, Charcoal is Alternative Apparel Eco & is a little smaller than the organic style. Sayer can actually get into the Alternative Apparel 2T but it's snug.

{Bundle Two} Love for Kitty ~ All 3 are 2T & American Apparel. But different styles- middle organic is largest.

{Bundle Three} Love for Dogs ~  Both 2T but are Alternative Apparel - & run true to size. Sayer can still wear these but they are snug (he's wearing the bulldog one in the picture). 

These are all very loved & lived in tees but they have lots of wear & play left in them. If you are interested in having one of these bundles here are the rules.

1. Leave a comment here (or on the KLT:FB page is fine too) & let me know which bundle interests you the most - feel free to write a back up one too. Also, write an activity that you or your family does to stay "green" or help the environment. 

2. You get an extra entry for the bundle of your choice by either following this blog, tweeting about this giveaway or  "liking" KLT on FB.

I will randomly choose a winner for each bundle & post the winners on Tuesday of next week. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


  1. I don't know if I'm disqualified on account of knowing you, but if not, will you enter me for the owl or kitty bundle for Lucinda to grow into? As for staying green...cloth diapers, watering plants with grey water, and Caspian goes naked much of the time (I assume to save water :))

  2. Okay, we're in. Martha loves kitty-cats, so put us in the draw for the cats! She should fit them purrfectly!

    Great idea to pass on good used clothing. Thanks for the chance to share.

    Am loving Sayer's book shelves, too.

  3. How nice of Sayer to share!

    1) My girl would love the doggies or kitties.
    2) We normally hit the consignment shops for toddler clothes, so this is perfect!

    Thanks for the great idea!

  4. I love the owls most of all and then comes the dogs! They are so so adorable though.....we have a huge vegetable garden growing now and hopefully can feed from it for a while for our fam. Staying green that way as well as patronizing local garage sales - another way we stay green! Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Ohh how fun! Nathan would love the Owls or Dogs. (or any really, he does like cats)

    We donate all of our outgrown clothing/shoes and only have one family car now, so that has cut down on our gas usage too! :)

    Oh, and I already follow you on FB!

  6. I like bundle two - Love for Kitty. Two ways we try to stay green is by creating a raised garden, we compost and I've also been making my own laundry powder for almost three years now!

  7. OOOoo would love the owls or the dogs! I have 2 to dress in 18m so every little bit helps! We use cloth diapers - go team green!!

  8. Jennifer said....

    Love your new giveaways! My son Julien just turned 2 and is crazy about dogs!

    We just bought a Neuton lawnmover (battery operated) and our lovin' it!

    Jennifer D.

  9. My son would love the doggy tees for his birthday next month! (And the owls are adorable too!)

    We try to do our part by commuting together to work whenever we can. Gives my husband and I extra time to catch up and when we pick up my son from daycare, we're all set for family time! (I'm also an environmental scientist, so always trying to do my part where ever I can.)

  10. such a great idea! e would love bundle 2 (i love that tank!) or bundle 1.

    we try to be green by cloth diapering, rain barreling, composting and my husband's 81 vw rabbit pickup runs on waste veggie oil from the mexican restaurant down the street :)

    thanks k and sayer!

    ps: i of course follow you on twitter and fb, too!



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