Sunday, June 26, 2011

{Inspiring Design} the Do Nothing Machine...

It's a sunny Sunday & if I had this cool contraption in our back yard, it would be movin' like crazy! I was just able to sneak in a little break & picked up my new dwell magazine to find an article about the "Do Nothing Machine" (pgs 86 & 87) designed by the Eames Office in 1957. Ray & Charles Eames (my all time favorite designers) made this intricate toy due to a request to design something that would show off the potential of Aluminum Company of America's lightweight metals. This awesome machine gets it's energy from a sun-charged battery pack.

What a perfect day to learn about something that does nothing, creatively... by the power of the sun- which is what I hope to do a little of today. Thanks again Ray & Charles for inspiring me with your genius. Now, back to a little dwell reading & drooling (over the design of course) before I head up to the studio.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 

{top images via here & here}

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  1. This do nothing machine would go so well on Seinfeld! The show about.. nothing! It certainly looks cool. Ah sun.. it looks beautiful there. Hopefully it wasn't all about work for you this weekend but sun, fun and a whole lotta relaxin'. Doing nothing sometimes does a mind & body good!



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