Wednesday, June 29, 2011

{Giveaway} the winners are...

Today was a memorable day. We  went to Seattle to pick up Sayer's first pair of  glasses. As I mentioned last week, he wasn't exactly thrilled to get them- he tried to convince me that he didn't need them. However, I wore him down a bit (read how here) & he was actually pretty excited to go get them. He was feeling quite grown up today & I found on more than one occasion, a lump in my throat. Seeing him with his glasses on made me see glimmers of my self as a child (a cooler, hipper self). On our way home, we went to a big park to play for a bit & sort of tested out what it was like to wear glasses on the playground....& it all came back to me.

While it's true, I was completely distracted today, I didn't forget that I said I would post 3 klt:tee bundle winners on Tuesday. I felt it was appropriate to have Sayer draw names from his hat before he went to bed tonight. Here are the names that he chose  (in order) Make Mine Mid Century, Marie, Ideal Carefully Curated Goods. I do believe that all three of these winners wanted the same bundle first, so I will have to use the 2nd choices a bit. Thanks again for your interest everyone! If you are a winner, make sure I have your mailing address ( I'll have more tees to give away after Sayer's next growth spurt.... stay tuned.


  1. Yippee!

    You can give the kitty-cats to one of the other winners. I don't mind. I'm just stoked to have a little bit of Sayer here!

    I'll go to etsy and buy a Kitty-Cat t-shirt in a bigger size.

    Really. No worries. Thunk you!

  2. He is happy! And he looks so amazing in those glasses! Great choice you two.. Aw, he's just adorable. Hope you're doing ok Mama.
    And congrats to the winners!

  3. Hooray! It's not really Ideal as the winner - my account just says that. It's really Lisa! and Lulu will be thrilled with any of the packages. So excited - thank you!!

    Sayer looks amazing in his glasses. More pictures, please...

  4. He looks very cute with his new glasses.

  5. ooh, is it marie, as in me?! i hope so!

  6. Thanks you guys! :) He melts my heart wearing those glasses (well he did anyway). Keep an eye on your mailbox winners... the bundles are on the way...



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