Tuesday, July 5, 2011

{Everyday Inspiration} Mr. Fox...

I'm a big fan of Ronald Dahl's books & have been watching the process of Jayme McGowan's "Paper Dahls" project via her blog for a few months now. She has been making paper cut illustrations inspired by some favorite Dahl stories- including Fantastic Mr. Fox (one of my favorites). LMNOP Magazine is featuring her complete series of "Paper Dahls" in the new issue that you can view here & I just had to pass this on... 

It's funny timing really, because I just bought Fantastic Mr. Fox for Sayer (or me) on Sunday. I love all of Wes Anderson's movies & Fantastic Mr. Fox is no exception. His attention to detail is exquisite. I thought a lot about this story when I was trying to draw my fox character in thread. The palette of the movie is something that I have been paying close attention to as inspiration for a mobile I'm making with my fox drawing too. Here is a great little video about the making of the movie. 

Sayer is really taken by this movie as well. He has been chatting about the characters non-stop. He has watched it 2 times since Sunday & wants me to play the music from it over & over again. Which no disrespect to Fireman Sam, but Fantastic Mr. Fox holds my attention quite a bit longer & I enjoy the movie chats with Sayer afterwards about the set design. So, cheers Wes Anderson, Jayme McGowan, & Ronald Dahl - I think you are all rather fantastic. Thanks for the inspiration! What has been inspiring you lately?

{Images all property of Jayme McGowan}


  1. I love Fantastic Mr. Fox! This paper project is amazing - thanks for sharing this story Kristin!
    (+ we've been listening to the audio comments of Rushmore yesterday while working :)

  2. one of my favourite movies of all time. i could watch it over and over! thanks so much for sharing the paper cuts by jayme. fantastic!

  3. It will come as no surprise that I LOVE Roald Dahl... even have a cookbook of his! (He and his second wife had au pair- cooks for years, great idea)



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