Sunday, July 17, 2011

{Music Monday} booty shakin'...

Rain, rain, go away! Sayer & I were inside a lot this weekend because of the weather. However, we did take full advantage of it by lots of singing & dancing. A little while ago, we put our old boombox in Sayer's room along with his little suitcase of cds so now he can dj until his heart's content. He really loves listening to music & audiobooks. I used to make playlists on my ipod for him when he was a baby, guessing what songs he would like. But today, we created one together & bought some new songs while we were at it. It's sort of dangerous that he knows what itunes is now. He was so excited to have all of his favorite songs on one cd plus some from his favorite movies. He was in this position a lot of the day- wiggling, dancing & singing at the top of his lungs. He has also recently learned about the lip syncing concept which he practiced as well. Right now, he is a bit like a poorly dubbed foreign movie - which is hilarious. Here are two songs that made it to his new mix. We probably watched this first video about 10 times over the weekend. It seemed like an appropriate song for a Monday - plus the video is so great.

The other rainy day activity this weekend was that I took Sayer to his first movie in a movie theater on Saturday. We went to see Winnie the Pooh - along getting with popcorn of course. He's still a bit too young for Harry Potter & Winnie the Pooh just seemed like sweet "first movie". It was nice to hear so much of the music performed by Zooey Deschanel too!  Happy Music Monday! How was your weekend? Do you remember the first movie you saw in a theater?


  1. Too adorable! And Sayer even has Schroeder's mini piano! lol. Winnie the Pooh sounds terrif, I was asking my K about seeing it too. She told me she is like Piglet. Pink & tiny. : ) Hope Winnie put a smile on your face and lifted the rainy blues. I want to watch it also to hear Zooey's songs..

  2. oh did he like it? i want to go see it! i remember my first movie at the drive in it was freaky friday! :) dax's first was finding nemo. cash's was shriek and penelope's was up!



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