Monday, July 11, 2011

{Music Monday} drifting...

Nice & easy.... that's how I hope today will be. I learned about Benjamin Francis Leftwich from Marie Bee's Sunday Song series last week. I was lured in because of the photography of the video. It's beautiful & dreamy (like Marie) & makes me feel calm... . Now maybe I can tackle some projects with ease. Or maybe I'll just make a paper boat & float away for a bit. Happy Music Monday

{picture via hutch studio}


  1. o my goodness, know what's great about this? the video i posted made me think of you for some reason. the ship and children...i think it reminded me of pictures of sayer playing and creating. :)

  2. Oh wow, that's very cool! I loved the video so much. It was also very you! :) Thanks Marie. I'm enjoying your Sunday Songs....

  3. Wow, listening and loving it.. love the videos, like summer relax. Somehow, I'd love to get away to a cabin by a lake..



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