Wednesday, July 13, 2011

{photos} a day at the beach...

I love the beach. It's always been a place that I gravitate to. No matter where I've lived, I've found where the nearest river, lake, or ocean, quickly. Romping around in the seaweed, sand & water calms me right down. Yesterday the three of us headed to a nearby beach to revel in it's goodness. Why are my guys dressed the same you ask yourself? Do we always go places dressed alike? Well, I admit, this was one of my multitasking ventures. I'm in the middle of a flurry of new klt:products & needed photos of the new adult sized owl cardigan. I thought I would get some updated photos of the kiddo cardi too. So, I brought the camera with me on our adventure- hoping to capture a little something special. It was a bit overcast so the cardigans were perfect for the beach. Oh, & we don't always dress the same, but we do find on occasion that we are all wearing an owl tee (just different colors).

Beach photos are some of my favorites & add these two guys to the mix, it's a recipe for me to go a bit nutty with the camera.  250+ photos later & I have some keepers that I think capture the day. It was just what we needed... & I felt lots of seaweed & sand in my toes. Where is your favorite place to escape to?


  1. Love these photos! I can almost smell the water and feel the sand on my feet. I seriously LOVE the stripes with the cardis! I love how the greys, jeans and the colours look together. So awesome! I just want to head to the beach now...

  2. Thanks Chantale! Oh good, glad you can almost smell the water & feel the sand. That was my goal. :) I really love the stripes with the cardi's too. The textures & colors really work for me! I actually also have the same outfit. LOL! I was tempted to set the camera timer for all of us - but thought better of it. Someday we'll ALL go to a beach together. Not sure when, where or how... but we will....



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