Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{Photos} hanging out in kiddo's room...

We've been hanging out in Sayer's room a lot lately. I love to watch him play & tend to reach for the camera when he isn't looking. It seems like his room is always changing to respond to how fast he's growing & changing. I've got an ongoing documentation of the morphing of his space on flickr & added a bunch of new pictures this weekend. We've replaced a table & chairs with a vintage school desk & chair (from a local salvage yard)- the table is now in the living room.  We have some new prints that Sayer helped pick out (by Blanca Gomez & Jayme McGown) & some new vintage finds- a Fisher Price school house & village (including a post office & fire station) - both from the late 60's early 70's. Well, I'm excited to say that my snapping of the camera & obsessive room documentation was was shared on Ohdeedoh yesterday! I guess it's a good thing that we've had so many inside/rainy play days lately because I was ready to pass on new photos when asked. 

Thanks to Sarah Rae Trover for writing a such a sweet post & to the kind people that left comments. You can view the rest of the room tour here.   Wow, this week is shaping up quite nicely! How is your week going? 

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  1. I love seeing his room over at Ohdeedoh and here too! It's such a terrific space that has so much going on for it. It also doesn't look too boyish so that this room can serve inspiration for a girl too! Sayer's got a space even us adults are envious for. : ) Lucky him he has 2 artists as parents! Parents with great taste and a keen eye for design.



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