Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{Everyday Inspiration} colors of the fair part II...

I'm a true sucker for the colors & images of a fair. I went a bit bonky with the camera at the fair Friday night & clicked away about 350 times. I always try to capture the colors & laughter as if to bottle it up & save if for a rainy day. Last night I posted the photos that the showed the true joy that the roller coaster discovery brought Sayer's way. Now it's time to share some of the colors of the fair... 

What a fun night! Not only did Sayer enjoy riding the roller coaster by himself, but he rode the airplanes a number of times by himself too! I wonder what will be his favorite ride next year? I'm afraid it may be that green Galaxy 3000 ride. It caught his eye many times. Barf-o-rama....
Hope you are having a great week so far!


  1. OH wow, amazing pops of colour! I especially LOVE that last pic. Good thing Chris is looking *away* from the knockers instead of straight at 'em. :D Bet ya didn't think of that one huh? hehe..

  2. I know, that last one cracks me up! Right... I know he was looking in the right direction. :) I like that the other lady seems to be eating his head & trying hold on to him.... Thanks C- that just me me LOL!

  3. You two are completely nuts :)) Love this post and the pics are fantastic!!, but without your comments I wouldn't have a loud laugh at 6 AM :))

  4. cool pics and I love the daddy+son pictures!
    cool guys haha...

  5. I too love the colours of the fair, makes pictures look even better! =)

  6. Haha! For reals it looks like she's about to happily chow on his hat! "mmm, yummy! A Chris-Pop". lol



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