Tuesday, August 16, 2011

{Fun} the roller coaster...

Friday night was a big night. The three of us headed to the local fair to meet up with some friends. Last year we went too (met the same friends even) & had so much fun- so Sayer was really looking forward to it. I have to admit, it had been a strange day & I was really grumpy on our way there. However, all it took was for me to see how excited Sayer was once we walked through the gates & saw all of the rides. I was able to shake off the grumps pretty fast. This year, Sayer was tall enough to ride on rides that we were too tall to ride on. The little dude was ready to fly solo on the dragon roller coaster. He rode it a total of four times- each time he was in a different section- & each time his laughter & smile was infectious. The third time, he got to share his section with a little boy... 

This roller coaster ride was a big deal. Sayer no longer wanted to ride on any rides with us after that. He had an extra spring in his step & was quite proud of himself. He exuded confidence. The next morning he told me that he had dreamed of the dragon roller coaster. I had dreamed about how happy he had been. It was a good night. Our little guy is sure growing up... 


  1. oh, this warmed my heart to hear Sayer's story and i sooooo loved the pictures...combined with my own nostalgia of the Skagit County Fair...thanks, as always for sharing your special stories and great images!

  2. Lovely roller coaster dude! =D
    My boy loved the slower rides in the amusement park, I don't think he'd go in the one S is sitting in this post. Looks too fast for my kid! ;D

  3. Aw, so totally cool!! I love it when our kids are too scared to do rides by themselves but once they finish it, feel like they can conquer the world! lol. Ok, I'm going too far but really, look at his face up there. What a smile!! I'm so glad you were able to have a good time. These photos really sums up the story in steps. Love them!

  4. This is fantastic K! :) Made me smile to see these wonderful pictures! Seeing Sayer having fun even from such distance is as good as chocolate!
    Enjoy the day, my friend :)



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