Sunday, August 21, 2011

{Music Monday} easy breezy summertime...

It was actually a bit on the hot side here this weekend. Saturday was not the kind of day to be sewing wool plush in the attic studio of an old house. So Sayer & I headed out for a beach break to enjoy the small breeze, saltwater air, and sand, & seaweed between our toes. It was a really one of my favorite kinds of days. 

It wouldn't be Music Monday unless I shared an appropriate soundtrack for this summer feeling. You may remember the Zee Avi post I did last month - well you can check out her new album stream  here - it all feels like summer to me. Have a listen & see what you think.  Zee Avi's Ghostbird, will be released this Tuesday. This first video from the album seems like a nice way to start the week. Sort of hard to not get up & dance, isn't it?  Happy Music Monday!  


  1. I've made a note to buy her album tomorrow :) always love your recommends. Do you know about Angus & Julia Stone? I think you would like them if you don't already know of them. My most fave song is "big jet plane" ... I listen to that over and over again :)

  2. Love this song Kristin! I feel like using this to make a video compilation or something.. mm love this.



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