Monday, August 22, 2011

{Good Read} La Petite #5- Innovation...

Today La Petite ~ issue # 5 came out & it's all about innovation. Creating & inventing is close to my heart (as was the last issue all about the '70's) so I was really excited to sink my teeth into coming up with an idea for this "For the Love of Books" feature. I decided to focus on books that nurtured creativity & thinking outside of the box... 

Of course I had my trusty assistant to help me with this task. These books are all favorites from our bookshelves so we tinkered, read & photographed them many times for the sake of research. We had a blast...

Issue #5 is 400 pages of eye candy so grab a cup of coffee, sit back & enjoy!  You can read  "For the Love of Books" on pages 154-157 & view the whole magazine live here. Thanks for including me in your beautifully cool magazine Rachelle! A job well done La Petite ladies! 

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  1. These photos are some of my faves Kristin. I love them. I also an enamored with your incredible book collection! Pop-up books are the best. Your article and writing is just superb Kristin! Keep on writing and educating us on all the things we miss in art!



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