Wednesday, August 24, 2011

{Mid-Week Inspiration} Marimekko Process...

When I cracked open my new dwell magazine, I was delighted to see an article called, "Helsinki Ink" under the PROCESS category. You know I love Marimekko, but I also love reading about everyone's creative process. This article lets you step inside Marimekko's printing factory- oh how I would love to go in person! But for now, it was a nice studio break read.  

You can view the "Helsinki Ink" article here or check out the new September issue of dwell magazine pages 72-76.  It was just the little piece of mid-week inspiration that I needed to get back to work. Hope you are having a great week! 

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  1. My mother was good friends with Armi Ratia, and so i have always worn and used Marimekko... and my kids too! I remember the old factory where they printed the fabrics by hand with these huge tables and rolls and things (I was really small then), and Armi decorated home and office with big white couches and stones, beutiful levigated stones from allover Finland. I still have my very first stone (the size of a large mango) that Armi gave me... it has followed me since the early seventies... =)

  2. Looks very interesting!
    I'd also love to visit the Marimekko factory, you need to get here so we can go there together! :D

  3. wow thanks for sharing. i love the press images. what a massive scale its printed on i had no idea! it would be so fabulous to take a tour : )



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