Tuesday, September 6, 2011

{Fun} City Dog....

I just got this cool magazine in the mail called City Dog & if you are a dog lover, I recommend checking it out (on the stands until October). It's full of all sorts of great articles & features about life with a dog in the west (Seattle, Portland, & San Francisco). It was particularly fun to open up the magazine to the four page section called {Cool Products} because my Chasing Tails mobile was featured along the side of many, many "cool things for hot dogs"!  Thanks City Dog! Not bad for a Tuesday...


  1. Pretty dog awesome! Ok, I couldn't resist that one. lol. There is really something for everyone with KLT... this proves it!

  2. That's doggone adorable! Congrats!

    And have I told you my daughter loves your plush toys? She thinks they're super cool!



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