Wednesday, September 21, 2011

{Multitasking} Family Night...

This multitasking thing seems to be a trend I can't shake. I've been having some issues with my screen printer lately & have been expecting about seven new tee orders for about a month now. Which means that the minute an order is finished, I have to hustle to get my new products photographed because I'm feeling constantly behind. On the family front, Sayer had his first day of pre-school alone yesterday (parents were invited to stay the first day). It was the strangest feeling just dropping him off & driving away like that. But it turned out  amazing for everyone! Chris has been pulling some unusually long hours because he is teaching this quarter in addition to his regular job- & class started yesterday too. So, we all met up in the evening for a nice walk on one of my favorite trails to chat about all of the excitement from the day. We had a fun little family night out & I got to photograph in gorgeous evening light- two very handsome guys. They both took turns taking photos themselves as well. It was a nice way to slow down, get things in perspective, & eek out the last little bit of the sun filled evenings. 
How's your week going?

{new klt:works tees}
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  1. Aw, love these family fun photos Kristin! That last one though, total *Melt*. Although it sounds like you're all running both ends ragged, you sure don't look it! You all look wonderful. Perhaps it's your ability to laugh through it all? : ) The new tees look great! Love the black ones...

  2. How great is it that Sayer is at pre-school! I bet you'll enjoy those precious hours without him.
    I love the black tee.



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