Saturday, September 17, 2011

{Real Life} Winter Water Factory...

This summer I won a contest which is not something that happens very often- so it was pretty exciting. But it what made it even more cool, is that I won a gift card from the Winter Water Factory! Now I have to say, I've been drooling over their prints for a long time & had a few things picked out in my mind for Sayer. However, being that Sayer is an individual with his own thoughts, I waited to use my gift card with him- for his school shopping. So, a few weeks before Sayer's pre-school started, the two of us cruised through the WWF site together & we carefully selected three items- discussing each one. 

We thought we'd take a few snapshots of what we chose. We found that these tees really encouraged play & exploration...

We both liked the high seas & the tool box tees a lot. Sayer has gone boating with his grandparents since he was born so that was an easy choice. The tool box tee is a size bigger (we planned ahead) & caught Sayer's eye because he & Chris have been building a club house in our back yard over the last few months. He really had to have this one because the name "Sayer" means wood-worker  (which is one of the reasons why we chose the name- the other is Chris' best friend, Dick Sayer). But, can you guess what Sayer's absolute favorite WWF tee is?

Yep, that would be the firetruck tee. He really wanted both firetruck tees - there's one with a red background too, but I only bought one (aren't I unreasonable?). I think the biggest compliment for a designer who makes things for children is when a child insists on wearing their designs on the first day of school. Sayer started pre-school on Thursday & he told me that he HAD to wear his firetruck tee. He wore it with such pride & told me that he was going to wear it everyday that he went to school. I have to say, it's the coolest firetruck tee that I've ever seen & he rocked it. Winter Water Factory is definitely tops in our book. And as an extra bonus, the tees go nicely with the klt:cardi, don't ya think? Thanks WWF!!

Shop Winter Water Factory here


  1. I love all your selections! What wonderful prints they have. I've just checked out their site.

    Very cool. Sayer is really starting to look positively dapper in everything he wears!

  2. Nice tees. The firetruck tee was not a big surprise, of course lil' firemen enjoy firetrucks on their shirts as well! ;D

  3. Aw so cool!! I didn't know the firetruck one was WWF. But whoo, I really love the high seas one and also, the way you captured Sayer in those photos. Am loving the WWF too. Their prints are really distinctive! Cool picks you two. : )



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