Monday, October 17, 2011

{Music Monday} 2 Cousins...

When I saw this video on the Handmade Romance FB page Thursday, it made me smile. So much so, that I knew that I had to pass it on.  It was a rather appropriate find as we've been talking a lot about cousins at our house.  Sayer is going to have a new cousin (one that will be in this state - rather than across country) sometime in February & we are all VERY excited. I've been going through old pictures lately & found this one of me, my little brother, & my two favorite cousins (who also have February birthdays). I really don't think I need to tell you which one I am, do I? If you have any doubts, just look at Sayer's picture & you will know right away. In this picture, I'm very close to the age Sayer will be when his cousin is expected to arrive- they will have about the same years apart as my brother & I do (4yrs). We all look forward to the day that Sayer will have a cousin to dance with too! Happy Music Monday!  


  1. I love that so many kids are looking back and finding coolness in the early stuff. This is excellent :) Congrats to Sayer on his new cousin. AND yes, it was pretty easy to see which one you were ... adorable then, adorable now :)

  2. Thanks Sharon- I do too! I seem to swim in nostalgia lately for inspiration. Yeah, we are pretty excited about the new addition to the family! Sayer's cousin to be is due 2 days after my birthday too! We are also wondering what klt:character he will inspire. Ah, thank you for saying that. I can assure you, I always felt like the geeky one. :) I envy the glasses for little kids nowadays...



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