Saturday, October 15, 2011

{Everyday Inspiration} hanging low....


It seems as though the change of the season & schedules has brought the icky crud right along with it. Our whole family has been battling a bad cold over the last few weeks. We just keep exchanging symptoms & trying on new ones. Sayer & I are still feeling less than our energetic selves today & decided to take it easy. On the agenda (while Chris is at work) is a little painting, a possible puppet show, fire station, & some cuddling on the couch with our favorite books & magazines.  Hopefully we will be all energized and inspired by tomorrow. What do you have planned for the weekend? 


  1. Plus some Uppercase mag reading on your weekend agenda? Hope you all start to feel better soon Kristin. Nothing's better than snuggling in and chillaxing this weekend. It's blustery here and we're taking it easy too. Get well soon!

  2. Is that a library book right next to a little hand covered in green paint! Brave you!

    Hope you feel better soon. :)

  3. @Chantale- Yep, some Uppercase is in the mix. Thanks- wish we could just hang out & chillax together!
    @Vic- Nope, it's not a library book- but it's my favorite magazine - so I was still brave. :) It was a spontaneous painting session. Thanks!



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