Tuesday, November 15, 2011

{Everyday Inspiration} camera in hand...

Late last week, Sayer asked me if we could go on a picnic at the beach after I picked him up from pre-school. The weather has been typical for fall in the NW- chilly, rainy, & a little dreary. However, this particular day it was sunny with a nice crispness in the air . The beach he was referring to is one that I used to go to when I was in high school - just to chill out & quiet my mind. It was one of the first places I drove to when I got my drivers license- so he didn't need to twist my arm for me to take him out there. 

By the time we had packed our little picnic & got out to the beach, the sun was rapidly going down. The lighting & color was gorgeous- not to mention we had the whole beach to ourselves. If you haven't noticed yet, I really love taking photos of Sayer - particularly at the beach. So, I was in heaven just snapping away while Sayer explored & threw rocks into the water. He even brought one of our vintage cameras from our collection that he likes to play with. It was just what we both needed. This place still has the power to calm me down & I'm glad that Sayer enjoys it as much as I do. On the way home, we chased the full moon taking back roads off the beaten path. I kept pulling over, trying to get a good photo. But I think the chase was better than the actual photos. It's pretty amazing how my kiddo knows just how to make my day. Is there a special place that you like to go to chill out & unwind?


  1. Thank you for taking me back home, my dear Kristin. What a happy smile you painted on my heart tonight...yet again:)

  2. What a beautiful beach - I had to google where you live, as it didn't look like the "ocean", and see that it's a "sound" so it is the sea but not the open ocean!! I have a special beach that I've gone to since I was a nipper too! We have just move closer to it (Rabbit Island, is it's very unromantic name!) and now have a view so, I can gaze out to the ocean & Rabbit Island (in the distance!) and feel at peace even at home.

  3. Beautiful spot. The photo of your boy with the camera is so cute!

  4. WOWSA. These are gorgeous images Kristin. Those last two shots are incredible. What an incredible place you live in, I would so love to be there! You have one stylish little dude there.. my K was wearing her owly cardi this weekend too!



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