Thursday, November 17, 2011

{Fabric Friday} Ruth Adler Schnee...

I was flipping through my husbands RISD alumni magazine last night & stumbled on another  treasured textile designer that I was thrilled to learn about. Her name is Ruth Adler Schnee & there was solo show of her work last summer in conjunction with the 2011 Venice Biennale called, A Passion for Color - which was complimented by a documentary film of her life & career.  She attended Rhode Island School of Design in 1942 & was considered a leading textile designer with pioneering designs as an artist. She was also a mother of three. I was  very interested to learn about her circle of friends & fellow collaborators (because I really dig that sort of thing- & they are some of my favorites) : Ray & Charles Eames, Frank Lloyd Wright, Buckminster Fuller, & Minoru Yamasaki. She grew up in Germany & her mentor/ childhood friend was Paul Klee (one of my favorite Expressionist painters who was influenced by music). I'm not really sure how I didn't know about Ruth given she hung out with a lot of my artist/design idols, but I'm really glad I do now. If you are interested in learning more about Ruth, the RISD article below has a lot of links that could keep you busy for a long time. Happy Fabric Friday!  Hope you have a great weekend full of a lot of cool discoveries.

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  1. I can see that you would enjoy reading about her Sharon! She & her husband had a interior design company back in the day...



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