Sunday, November 20, 2011

{Four Fun Finds} Favorite Vintage Inspiration...

Some of you may be aware of my vintage book & toy love. I've been collecting vintage treasures for a little while now under the guise of gifting them to Sayer. However, it has become very apparent that I may need to start sharing my collection a bit. Particularly when I start finding doubles of my favorite things (that applies to mostly books). So, my new outlet for my findings will be the hutch etsy shop & these four finds were just added! I really do enjoy the idea of sharing things that delight me so much, with others & these particular finds are among my very favorites.

2. The Red Balloon - Albert Lamorisse - 1956 (a favorite in our house along with the movie)
3. Dick Bruna Picture Cubes (with 6 illustrations) -1980
4. The Happy Lion - Louise Fatio & Roger Duvoisin -1956

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!


  1. You find the most amazing things. You should rent out your vintage treasures, they'd make amazing props for stylists!

  2. Thanks Chantale! Yeah, that's sort of why I started collecting a while ago- so I would have stuff for photo shoots. Then Sayer came into the picture... & then I got hooked. LOL

  3. Love your finds! =)

    The Happy Lion was one of my favourites... we had it at school (International School in Belgrade, Yugoslavia) and I read it a lot because I had a thing about lions and caterpillars... my favourite animals as a kid!



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