Wednesday, November 9, 2011

{La Petite} For the Love of Books...

I don't think Rachelle knows how much I truly enjoy the opportunity to contribute "For the Love of Books" to La Petite Magazine. I don't think I honestly knew how much I would look forward to hearing what the next theme of the magazine was just so I could start dreaming up what I would write about - & then what I would photograph to go with it. My love of books & research is only part of what interests me in this project. Being that I am totally immersed in the day to day life of a small business owner/designer & mom, it is nice to be given a creative challenge on a continuous basis that is completely unrelated. I love coming up with a direction & including Sayer in my adventure. While I think I say it each time I write the book feature, this one is my favorite. Sayer & I played a little Swiss make- believe one day. This photoshoot with him was somewhat spontaneous too. We were actually taking photos for my fox tee that we had just picked up & I packed a bag of various things just in case it got chilly & the opportunity for more photos presented itself (the attention span of a toddler is unpredictable). The day was gorgeous & we headed out to enjoy the weather at one of my favorite local places. We read our Pippi book (that was a sweet gift from a blog reader) on a break & then got out Sayer's ukelele for what turned into a Sound of Music moment. The lighting was great & I took photos as Sayer explored - I loved it! My vision was coming to life & it is particularly exciting when that happens. The scarf he was wearing was actually mine - it was getting chilly so I took it off me & put it on him. His whole outfit came together organically.These photos make me smile & remember a fun day- so I wanted to share them. Every time I send Rachelle my writing & photos, I get nervous about whether it will fit her vision. What I'm always so amazed at, is how well it fits in with the rest of the contributions & general feel of the magazine. I was tickled to see that my view of the Swiss Alps & Mountain children was fairly spot on

When I saw this photoshoot spread on Monday, I was tickled. I posted this picture yesterday as a favorite from the magazine. It almost looks like we could have been in the same place! This was my fourth, "For the Love of Books", & I'm so excited to start on the fifth one! Thanks for including me Rachelle- it's truly a joy to be a part of your magazine. I have so much fun!

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  1. Wow, Kristin... I can't get over how it looks like you and Nicole Mitchem (photographer) were at the same place! Crazy! Thank you again for putting the Love of Books together! I loved reading it! xoxo

  2. LOVE Jip and Janneke!!!! Yet another one from my chilhood... You know there is a web page for Fiep Westendorp and there's also a shop? Worth taking a look, lovely things!

    PS In Stockholm there is a children's book museum called Junibacken... with an INCREDIBLE trainride through Astrid Lindgren's stories... and in Naantali,Finland there is a whole island dedicated to Moomins?

    How about next summer? ;-)

  3. Your love, passion and knowledge of books, art history and textiles shines through Kristin. It's what makes us, lucky readers of La Petite excited to see your feature with each new issue. Keep em coming Kristin!



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