Thursday, November 24, 2011

{SALE} Happy Thanksgiving Part II...

While it doesn't take Thanksgiving Day for me to ponder how grateful I am, it is another opportunity to express it. I'm always very overwhelmed with emotion when I think about how lucky I am to be doing what I love to do... every day. I'm lucky to have a small support group of people that deserve a lot of thanks, but I also owe some big thanks to you. It's because of your interest in what I make that allows me the opportunity to live the creative life that is so important to me. So to you I say, THANK YOU! From today (24th) to the end of Cyber Monday (28th) use the discount code "KLTTHX" at checkout (at the KLT Etsy Shop) to received 30% off your entire order. Hope you all have a wonderful day - both US residents & my international friends! Ok, now I'm off to the kitchen... 


  1. Could this boy be any cuter? Happy Thanksgiving my friend, I hope you enjoy the day and have time to relax!

  2. How cute is that boy???
    Hugo has developed an owl phobia, which is a shame, because these tops are so cute... :(



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