Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Over the river & through the flats, to grandmother's (& grandfather's) house we go- La Conner to be exact. 

Turkeys used to roam the streets of La Conner freely- which was so cool to see. However, they were asked to move & are hanging out somewhere else today. So, I guess we won't see them this year. 

We are all going to take it easy today. Maybe we'll watch a movie, listen to music ... or a enjoy a game of Twister (Sayer's new favorite game) before our food coma hits. 

Then it's back over the river for us. It will be a simple & easy day. But there will be thankful reflection for sure. The list is long. Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends (& happy day to my International buddies) ! What are you up to today?

vintage toys via here


  1. happy thanksgiving kristin! those photos of turkeys are so cool! enjoy your day with the family!


  2. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you had a great twister game. ;p One thing is for sure: I'm pretty grateful to call you a friend. Hope you're having a wonderful comatose weekend!



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