Saturday, December 3, 2011

{Holiday Cheer} Sweater Slugs & Santa...

December brings out cozy sweaters, velour slippers, peppermint candy canes, & snowy blues. All of which inspired these sweater slugs to make their way to the KLT shop late last night. Oh, & to answer your question, yes they do fit nicely in a stocking...

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Sayer visited Santa this morning & was happy to learn that Santa liked legos a lot when he was a kid too. Our weekend is full of traditions- we are on our way to the tree farm to find a tree tomorrow. What are your holiday traditions?


  1. Aw... what a cutie photo of Sayer with Santa! He's not crying, that's good. lol. I love your holiday slugs! They're like peppermint slugs. Awesome!

  2. Love those, and love sweet sweet Sayer! Yay, for traditions! Having our first house this year, Andrew & I are all about starting traditions. We've been talking & talking about it...I'll let you know how it goes :) xo



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