Friday, March 11, 2011

{Fabric Friday} 5 Bundles Creative Competition...

I learned a few things from the fabric stash giveaway I did a few weeks back.  First, there are a lot of creative fabric lovers out there in cyberland. Second, I have a hard time only choosing one winner. And last, I have way too much fabric. I've been doing some spring cleaning & re-organizing in my studio so that I can make a cool fort type space for Sayer to hang out in when I'm working.  It does appear that the time it takes for me to bundle & list fabric on Etsy cuts into my studio time more than I want. While I will still put bundles together to sell, I need a faster method making space. So.... I have another idea. 

I'm going to give away 5 little bundles of 9 small pieces of fabric. But here is where it gets fun. Maybe I'm watching too much Top Chef lately, but I want to have a fabric "quick fire challenge".  Each person that receives a bundle from me is required to make something with the fabric (using some of each piece in the bundle). It can be whatever you would like- sky's the limit. You will submit a photo to me & I will post all five finished products for a friendly competition on April 1st - really, I will (even though it's April Fool's Day). The winner will be chosen by comments on the post - & will get another small stash of fabric & $20.00 gift card for my klt:works Etsy shop.

Does that sound like fun? To enter- just leave a comment telling me what your earliest memory of loving fabric is + your favorite color. I will give an extra entry if you follow this blog or the klt:works FB page. Good luck! Happy Fabric Friday

Thursday, March 10, 2011

{Everyday Inspiration} small town connection...

In a previous post, I took you on a tour of the backroads of my hometown. Well, I recently had the pleasure of connecting via web, with someone else that shares these similar backroad memories with me.  Her name is Courtney and she is the one of the co-founders of Babyccino Kids. Her family is actually part of the reason that our Valley looks so gorgeous in the Spring- with rows & rows of colorful tulips everywhere.

When Courtney had her 2nd baby, klt:works was just getting started and she was living in London (& still is). Her uncle thoughtfully purchased some klt:goodies for Courtney's new baby with the idea of sending something to her that was made from her hometown. He sent some more klt:works items when she had her 3rd child. If my memory is correct, she got one of my first slug plushies & an owl tee. I just got a lovely email from Courtney where the puzzle pieces of our hometown connection started falling into place. 

Do you know about  Babyccino Kids? It's such a fantastic blog with posts from London, Amsterdam, Paris, NYC, & Melbourne- offering up tips & "interesting perspectives about modern family life". I've actually been enjoying it for years- you should go check it out. Courtney posted a really nice klt:works review yesterday too! Yes, it is a small world after all... thanks Courtney! 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

{Everyday Inspiration} a little mardi gras...

I've never been to Mardi Gras but I have seen the aftermath. Chris & I had our honeymoon in New Orleans (12 years ago) and we missed Mardi Gras by a few days. We could definitely tell by the broken beads in the gutters, glitter, feathers, empty cups... & hmmm... the smell of the craziness from the previous days. A lot has sure changed in that city since then. So Sayer  & I thought we would pay tribute to New Orleans & celebrate a little Mardi Gras here today.  

We broke out our owl masks .... listened to some jazz & let the spirit move us. Have you ever been to Mardi Gras? 

Monday, March 7, 2011

{Music Monday} Fold...

Jose Gonzalez has been playing in my studio a lot lately. I was listening to it the other day when I stumbled on this book called, paper: tear, fold, rip, crease, cut. I realized that looking at the paper art, & listening to his music just seemed to make sense. It's the kind of quiet, contemplative music that allows my mind to drift in and out of ideas.  Happy Music Monday! Hope you are having a thoughtful day.  {image via here}


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