Sunday, January 1, 2012

{Happy New Year} Bye Bye Rabbit...

The year of the rabbit was good... a blur really. But I'm ready for the dragon- bring on 2012! Every year I get quiet, contemplative, a little nostalgic, & ooze with extra gratitude the last week of December. This year was no different except for that I was hit with an overwhelming sense of burnout. More than usual - so I slowed down & enjoyed some time off with my little family. It felt good...

My normal routine on New Year's Eve is trying to rearrange the whole house- room by room. I can't tell you how many New Year Eve's Chris & I got ourselves wedged in between furniture trying to make our spaces "bigger" while trying to effectively achieve high levels of feng shui. Not today. Although we fiddled with Sayer's room a bit - it was nothing like the past years of my needing to change everything. I feel a little more content these days. I think due in large part to connecting with so many of you over the year. It really fills me up. So, I thank you - for stopping by here now & then & leaving comments. I appreciate it beyond words. I'm raising my glass (that's now empty) & wishing everyone a very happy new year! CHEERS! In Sayer style, I'm going to groove my way into 2012, won't you join me?


  1. Fantastic New Year's photos! Wishing you, Chris and Sayer, a fantabulous New Year. I know our lives are made better knowing you. Looking forward to a new year together! And seeing the art world through your eyes..

  2. Happy New Year Kristin! 2011 was the best, as we got to meet you guys!(YAY!)
    Wish you all the best, a year full of love and laughter!

  3. In those last photos of Sayer, I detect a really attitude com in' on....Hilarious

  4. Happy New Year!!!! You guys are the cutest!



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