Tuesday, March 20, 2012

{Inspiration} The first day of spring...

In 1999, on the first day of spring, I married Chris in an old mansion on a hill. The mansion houses a quilt museum now & is considered one of the 10 most haunted places in Western Washington. Interesting... because all of our photos were taken in black & white film &  some have a very odd quality about them (I might have to do a post with the strangest photos- they're very Bela Lugosi like). We also had a vintage theme going so  it's sometimes hard to tell what year it was- which sort of adds to the mysterious quality. Last year on our anniversary, I started the task of going through boxes of negatives & photos, scanning some of them into the computer (because we were married before digital was common). You can see some more of those photos in my, First day of Spring -1999 post last yearI think I will go though & scan some every year on our anniversary-  it's really fun to cruise down memory lane. I also love noting some of the cool details in the photos- like textures, images, patterns, shapes. It's great for some nostalgic & artistic inspiration- like watching an old movie. That evening in 1999, we started our adventure as a married couple & 13 years later, I can only imagine what kind of adventures are on our horizon...but they're bound to be creative & involve a lot of laughing! 
Happy First Day of Spring!! 

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  1. Whoa, how'd I miss this post? Your wedding photos.. sigh. So gorgeous!! YOU look so gorgeous. I love these black and whites. Wish I had done that as well.. Happy anniversary you two!



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