Sunday, March 20, 2011

{Music Monday} First day of Spring 1999...

On the first day of Spring in 1999, Chris & I got married in an old mansion that is home to a textile & quilt museum. It was about 70 degrees & all of the daffodil fields were in bloom. The La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum (aka the Gaches Mansion) sits on the top of a hill in La Conner & at the time, we lived just down the steps in an apartment above the stores on the main street of town (near the water). Our wedding was inspired by the mansion, the 1930's, & old Fred Astaire movies. So it was entirely shot in black & white photos. However, the odd thing to think about, is that this was right before digital cameras took over. So... we only have boxes of negatives- nothing digital. I actually remember trading some of my old oil paintings for all of our negatives with our photographer. I went through our box of photos today & wanted to scan & post a few- it was fun sifting through them. (My brother was my "maid of honor" & Chris' sister was his "best man".) 

We watched tons of old Fred Astaire's & Ginger Rogers movies & studied their dancing before the wedding. Cheek to Cheek was our first dance. Happy Music Monday & Happy Spring! 


  1. Beautiful post. I am so happy to say... I was there! You are both very lucky to have found each other.

  2. What incredible photos.. You both look terrific! Kristin, I don't need to say this but you look stunning. The dress, the hair and especially your smile. Happy anniversary you two!
    ps How apropo to have gotten married at a textile mansion museum! : )

  3. Wow - what a wedding and what a couple - really lovely photos. Congratulations!

  4. awww so sweet! the picture of you kissing...i can see in your eyes that you are smiling even thought they are closed! does that make sense?

  5. I came upstairs very annoyed with my husband and got on the computer. Then I saw your post and how gorgeous you both were, and your wedding...really so lovely Kristin. It got me thinking about my own wedding - it was in a medieval castle surrounded by woods in was such an amazing day...and now I am not mad at him anymore. So I am sure he thanks you :) But I thank you for sharing this post, and letting us have a peek inside a marriage I do admire. I hope you have many more moons together.

  6. Beautiful pictures!!! lovely post!
    I also got married in 1999. I think it's a good year!

  7. Beautiful images! I love this post!



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