Friday, March 18, 2011

{Fabric Saturday} Drool worthy fabric + 5 winners...

I've been drooling over this collection of Scandinavian fabric at Hus & Hem ever since Louise (thirtyfive flowers) posted about it on her blog. I suppose that my many times cruising through this collection may have influenced my fabric choices a bit for this "Textile Love" Etsy treasury that I just made. I wanted to put together a small collection of textiles that are either vintage or hand screen printed because I'm particularly fond of both. It's just nice to have a documented list of some of my favorite patterns, colors, textile designers/printmakers & shops. You can view the treasury live here.
But wait... there's something else I want to say.... I have some winners to announce for the  5 Bundle Creative Competition! Again, I had to use a random method to choose the winners- this time helped me out. 

And the 5 creative competitors are :: 

1. Kari Firak  2. Ringmaster  3. Pop-i-cok  4. Heather  5. Amy Freeto 
(& Carmel- the winner of the fabric stash giveaway- is invited to play of course too). 

So, if you see your name, make sure I have your address so I can send you your bundle. You can email me at kristin{at}kltworks{dot}com. Can't wait to see what you all come up with. Remember, I will post pictures of of all 5 creations on the April 1st Fabric Friday post. Thanks to all of you who entered & shared your fabric stories. This isn't the end of my stash. There is more fun to had so stay tuned...
Happy weekend everyone! 


  1. Wow! You have such a great eye for frabic. I just love some of the pieces you've chosen.

    I'm constantly thinking of the quilt for my nine-year-old which I use your bits of stash towards.

    I don't think I'll have it done by April 1, though.

    Maybe I'll do a 'brain-storm' post on it, instead.

  2. ooooh I am soooo excited :-)

  3. Thank you for including us amongst your list of faves this is certainly a lovely citrusy limey mix :)

  4. Yeah!!! IS the Heather moi?? Yeah! Emailing you :)

  5. Again, I'm intimidated by your vast knowledge of textiles, textile designers and incredible choices (and where you find them). Congrats to all the winners and I can't wait to see what you all come up with! This is a terrific contest Kristin. But I'm too scared to have entered. lol. Wow, really amazing fabrics here..

  6. Such a great contest idea, can't wait to see everyones creations.

    Thankyou for the mention, waiting for more stock of that green to come in, I want!!

    Louise x



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